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Incidere Venezia

Vitaly Pushnitsky July 07, 2008 - July 26, 2008 pop/off/art, Moscow

About project

The exposition, called “Incidere Venezia”, is a portfolio of 20 architectural sights of Venice with the artist’s vision of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. In the opinion of Vitaly Pushnitky, architectural monuments should be perceived with the tactual senses, so he makes photo pictures that can be felt by touching, and not admired by the eye. His works are transferred onto polystyrol plates through laser-cutting.

The artist sees his works as a Braille alphabet because visitors can feel them. An artist, he says, is a sort of conduit between cultures.

Vitaly Pushnitky turned to Italy after he had created a series about his native Petersburg, which is often referred to as the Northern Venice. Art historian Sergei Popov comments.

Pushnitsky is akin to Italian culture of the Renaissance in mastery and purpose. He enters into an artistic dispute with every country he happens to visit and get a glance of. A whole set of series was inspired by the spirit of America.

As a foreword to one of his exhibitions Vitaly Pushnitsky said that he would love to work on a form without beginning or end, like the horizon that pursued him in the USA, reminding him of the myth of the primeval sky which split and fell on the earth.
In studying the arts and cultures of different countries and peoples Vitaly Pushnitsky is attracted by life’s most acute moments: death, ecstasy, treachery, self-sacrifice. So it’s for this very reason that he turns to world’s highest: Goya, Velazquez, Rembrandt…

Exposition photos

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