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Carnal life

Group exhibition December 14, 2023 - February 11, 2024 pop/off/art 2.0 at Bolshoi Palashevsky lane, building 9.

About project

Pop/off/art gallery announces the opening of a new branch – pop/off/art 2.0. The showroom and intimate exhibition space is located in Moscow at Bolshoi Palashevsky Lane, building 9. In the past, it was the historical center of the capital, today it is the Patriarch’s Ponds area, which has become a place of recreation and gastronomy. Thus, pop/off/art will become the first contemporary art gallery with two branches in different districts of Moscow.

The director of pop/off/art 2.0 will be Anastasia Kotelnikova (born 1991, Kirov), the chief art critic of the pop/off/art gallery. Graduated from RAZHVIZ (2015), Faculty of Art History (specialist). Curator of exhibitions in pop/off/art: exhibition “Homo soveticus by Arkady Petrov” (2023), exhibition by Yuri Zlotnikov “Counterpoint: dynamics of influence” (2022) and others. Coordinator of the publishing program of the pop/off/art gallery, within the framework of which more than 20 catalogs were published, among them: the catalog of Ivan Novikov (2020), exhibition catalogs of Vladimir Shinkarev (2021, 2022), catalog of the exhibition of Andrey Krasulin “Practice, process, cut” (2021), catalog of the collection of contemporary art of SDM Bank (2021) and others.

The main focus of the second branch will be aimed at representing Russian authors whose creative development occurred in the second half of the twentieth century. This is a large pool of artists and heritage with whom the gallery has already collaborated (Evgeny Gorokhovsky, Andrey Grositsky, Yuri Zlotnikov, Nikolay Kasatkin, Vladimir Kupriyanov, Oleg Lang, Evgeny Mikhnov-Voitenko, Alexander Pankin, Mikhail Roginsky), as well as other authors of this period. The works of these artists became key in the history of Russian art. As part of the project, it is planned to display personal and group exhibitions, conduct thematic lectures and events. One of the main tasks of the second branch on Bolshoy Palashevsky Lane will be the development of the positioning of each of the artists and the study of archival materials in order to deepen academic discourse.

The first exhibition in the pop/off/art 2.0 space will be the “Carnal Life” project. The concept of “carnal” in this case will be considered from the point of view of form, or more precisely through the visual experiences of Russian contemporary artists. The motive of the exhibition is interest in the embodiment of body plasticity in various interpretations and figurative paradigms. The exhibition will bring together classical studies, full-scale sketches and conceptual constructs that rethink the shape of the human body, such authors as Vagrich Bakhchanyan, Alexey Grigoriev, Andrey Grositsky, Yuri Zlotnikov, Nikolay Kasatkin, Andrey Krasulin, Evgeny Mikhnov-Voitenko, Alexander Ney, Alexander Pankin, Arkady Petrov and Nikolai Silis.

Exposition photos

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